Vancouver councillor proposes building temporary modular homes in single-family areas

A Vancouver city councillor wants to lift restrictions on temporary modular housing built in single-family and duplex neighbourhoods.

OneCity councillor Christine Boyle told CBC News that the motion she plans to put before the city council would expand the land available for building critical affordable housing.

Modular housing is currently not permitted in RS and RT zoning parcels in Vancouver, with those areas reserved for single-detached houses and duplexes. According to CBC News, Boyle’s motion would ask city officials to look into allowing temporary modular housing in these zones.

The motion also calls for a period of public consultation with residents before rezoning commences. However, CBC News reported that rezoning would allow the city to bypass lengthy public hearings that delay urgently needed housing.

Boyle said that she expects some pushback from residents but pointed out that many neighbourhoods initially resistant to temporary modular housing have since come around.

"Absolutely, on a site-by-site basis, there is nervousness and pushback from some neighbourhoods, and we've seen it die down each time and turn out to be okay," Boyle told CBC News. | by Duffie Osental22 Jul 2019